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Ovulation Microscope

Pinpoint When You Ovulate – Your Peak Fertile Period!

Fertile Focus Quick Facts
Convenient, Saliva-Based Testing
Pinpoint Ovulation Days in Advance
Easy to Use
98% Accurate
Resuable for Unlimited Tests
Discreet Lipstick Case Design

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Identifying when you ovulate – your peak fertile time of the month – is critical when trying to conceive. With Fertile Focus, predicting ovulation is both easy and affordable – and without the messiness (or high cost) of urine-based tests or fertility monitors.

Fertile Focus is an easy-to-use, saliva-based ovulation test that allows you to predict ovulation with 98% accuracy – days in advance. It works by allowing you to identify your “estrogen surge”, the characteristic surge in estrogen that occurs before you ovulate. Ideal for women with both regular or irregular menstrual cycles, Fertile-Focus offers you a natural and affordable way to increase your chances of conception.

And because the estrogen surge typically precedes the luteinizing hormone surge (luteinizing hormone is the hormone detected by urine-based ovulation tests), Fertile Focus provides you with greater advance notice of when you’ll ovulate – giving you a greater opportunity each cycle to conceive!

Using Fertile Focus is Easy!

Fertile Focus

To use Fertile Focus, simply place a drop of saliva from under your tongue on the lens. Once the sample has dried (typically within 5 minutes), press the LED light button and view resultant pattern through the lab-quality magnifying lens. If you are ovulating – or if you’re about to ovulate – a distinct “ferning” crystal-like pattern can be viewed. This is your indication that it’s time to make love for babymaking purposes!

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Fertile Focus Success Stories

"Completely Satisfied!"
I have been using Fertile-Focus every day and I find it very easy to read. I use it every morning, first thing, so I can compare my saliva and notice the change in pattern when I ovulate. I am over 41, have 2 kids and am a newlywed and anxious to give my husband his first child. My biological clock is ticking so I don't have time to waste. That's why I tried the Fertile-Focus and am very satisfied with how easy it is to detect ovulation. Now I'm just waiting and keeping my fingers crossed!
- Kimberly, over 41 from PA

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A Message from Dr. Grunebaum

Dr. Amos Grunebaum"Fertile Focus is the personal ovulation microscope that allows you to predict ovulation easily and accurately, with greater advance notice than other methods provide."

To learn more about Dr. Grunebaum, click here.


Fertile Focus Video Demo

Fertile Focus Demo Video To see a video demo of Fertile Focus, click here.
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